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What Sets Us Apart in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach VA

Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics has been serving the children of the Tidewater area for more than 40 years for a reason—we love what we do! Our doctors and team are committed to providing your child with the highest quality dental care in a fun and relaxed environment. We will make every effort to ensure that your first visit with us is comfortable for your child and informative for you as a parent.

More importantly, our doctors and staff are passionate and experienced about caring for your child and building confidence in the dental office.

Helping Your Child Have a Successful Visit

Our goal is for your child to be as comfortable and at ease as possible during all dental treatments. During our initial examination, parents are invited into the treatment area to become familiar with our approach. Also, parents of special needs patients may be encouraged to assist our staff during treatment. However, the vast majority of children are more cooperative without a parent present. Parents may unknowingly frighten their children with their facial expressions or their tone of voice. Therefore, we ask that you give your child a kiss and send them with our dental assistant when she calls your child’s name.

Part of the joy of what we do is learning how to communicate effectively with your child, whether through humor or compassion or even firmness. The parent-child dynamic can often interrupt this learning process. We will make every effort to update you regarding your child’s progress during treatment. On rare occasions, we may invite you into the operatory if we think your child would become more cooperative. It is not uncommon for young children to cry after their arrival in our office and after separation from the parent. Crying is a normal response and is not a sign that the appointment is going poorly; it typically ends within moments. As pediatric dentists, we are trained to calm anxious children. Building a strong relationship with a child in the dental environment doesn’t always occur “overnight” and sometimes involves hard work and persistence on everybody’s part. Pediatric dentists don’t necessarily have a “magic potion” that automatically turns a child into a great dental patient without occasional challenges. But the rewards of persistence are immeasurable.

We use words and phrases that make sense to a child and help him or her understand different treatment techniques. Please refrain from using the word “shot,” “drill” “needle,” or “pull.” For example, “sleepy pinch” is the phrase we use for “shot.” We never “pull teeth;” we “wiggle them until they fall out.” This simple adjustment in our language has produced dramatic results in keeping our patients calm and comfortable before, during and after treatment. Please keep in mind that innocent teasing by a parent may cause your child to become unnecessarily anxious. Also, please do not recount any negative dental experiences you may have had as a child.

Our Commitment to You

As pediatric dentists and as parents, we are committed to providing superior dental care for your child. We will recommend various treatment options designed specifically for your child’s needs, based upon our professional judgment. Our staff and doctors will strive to allay any fears or misapprehensions you may have concerning your child’s future dental needs.

As parents, we strive to provide gentle and compassionate care to our patients, as we would to our own children. Our greatest reward is helping your child have a happy, productive, and safe dental visit. We can only achieve our common goals when there is a shared philosophy among parents, doctors, and team members alike. We look forward to working with your family. Let’s get started!

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